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Yeah, I said it! Seriousy though, you'd be surpised to know that Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but Christmas just makes me happy. And that is something I always want to be. :)

In honor of the official start of the best season of the year, here is a Zero I did for a clients Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Sleeve.

I have a few more of the designs I did for them up on my INSTAGRAM if you wanna see some other characters in my style.

Pet Portraits are something near and dear to me. I've always loved animals, so whenever I get a commission for one I get very excited. And lucky me! I have been getting them a lot the last couple of months. This one here is the first time I had the pleasure of drawing a Chinchilla which was fun.

Some clients want me to keep my style but make the portraits a little less creepy and that's what I did here.

Keep a look out for some big announcements in early 2023. I have dreams to fulfil!


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